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List of Public Roads

The List of Public Roads is a list of all roads adopted by East Ayrshire Council and South Ayrshire Council as the local roads

The list includes:

A class roads (such as A70)

B class roads (such as B730)

C class roads (such as C123)

U class roads (such as U21)

All other adopted roads without numeric classification (such as Western Road, Kilmarnock)


East Ayrshire List of Public Roads

South Ayrshire List of Public Roads 


Alternatively you can call us on 01563 503 160 to arrange an appointment to view the list of Public Roads at the following locations. 

View the List of Public Roads
The List of Public Roads for East Ayrshire can be viewed at

Opera House

8 John Finnie Street



The List of Public Roads for South Ayrshire can be viewed at

Town Hall

New Bridge Street



If you have a query regarding the List of Public Roads you can contact us by email

Email   ARARoadAdoptions@ayrshireroadsalliance.org 

Non Adopted Roads  

New roads can be built by developers to a standard that allows them to become adopted once they are finished.

If the road was built before 1985, to become adopted, the owner must pay for any necessary upgrading to bring the road to an acceptable standard.


Trunk Roads

Transport Scotland, as an executive agency of the Scottish Ministers, is the roads authority for all trunk roads and motorways in Scotland. They have appointed Amey as the trunk road operating company for the South West Scotland Unit.

Amey                         Amey is responsible for carrying out all trunk road maintenance including the provision of winter service on the A76, A77 and A78 trunk roads in East Ayrshire and South Ayrshire. 


Contact Information 


Phone: 01563 503 160

E-mail: enquiries@ayrshireroadsalliance.org

Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD