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Flooding can have a devastating effect on people, property, business and land.

We work in partnership with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to provide flood prevention information, flood alerts and flood warnings to the residents of East and South Ayrshire.

Under the Flood Risk Management Act 2009 we have a duty to:

Access the condition of watercourses for any risk of flooding to non-agriculture land.

Cleanse, repair and otherwise maintain any watercourse which may pose a risk of flooding.

Establish a local flood plan.


Please note: Although your Council is required to keep watercourses clear of obstructions such as fallen trees, it is does not have a duty to increase the capacity of a watercourse. Any responsibility in respect to increasing the capacity of watercourse lies with its owner.


Ayrshire Roads Alliance (Emergency 24 hours)

We will assist as much as is practicable during flood events.

This can include the provision of sandbags to properties in imminent danger of being flooded. Supply of sandbags will be prioritised as sandbag stocks are limited.

Contact us

Contact Us

During office hours

01563 503 160

East Ayrshire out of hours

0345 724 0000 

South Ayrshire out of hours

0300 123 0900 


Inspections and Actions


Programmed Inspections

If works of clearance or repair are identified during inspection, these are assessed and where no immediate action is needed we add this item of work to our schedule of clearance and repair works.

We publish our inspection schedule in each area:

Download our inspection schedule

Reactive Inspections 

We carry out reactive inspections if there is a flood event or someone highlights something of concern to us.

The Council does not have a duty to improve the standard of drainage systems of public roads, only to maintain them.

Many people wrongly believe that their Council or Ayrshire Roads Alliance is responsible for protecting their property from flooding. The Council has no statutory duties to prevent properties from flooding. The responsibility lies with the property owner. 


Planned Actions 

All planned actions in New Cumnock are contained in the Solway Local Flood Risk Management Plan (LPD14)

All other areas within Ayrshire are documented in the Ayrshire Local Flood Risk Management Plan (LPD12)

The Mid Term Ayrshire Local Flood Risk Management Plan (LPD12) for 2019 is also available



Contact Information 

Phone: 01563 503 160

E-mail: enquiries@ayrshireroadsalliance.org

Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD