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This information is provided as a guide only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided various unforeseen factors may affect whether the works are carried out on the advertised dates.  It is also possible that works other than those noted may take place.

Works on the A76, A77, A78 Trunk Roads and the M77 Motorway are carried out by the Trunk Road Operator. Contact  Amey for further details of works on these roads.


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Mauchline Holy FairB743 High Street, Mauchline

Temporary road closure and waiting restrictions - 27 May


Roon the Toon - Various Roads, Kilmanrock

Temporary road closures and waiting restrictions - 11 June 


Parade - Various Roads, Cumnock 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 24 June

Ayrshire Roads Alliance works

Below is a list of works managed by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance


Grass Cutting


A71, Kilmarnock 

Temporary road closure - 17 June 


A71, Kilmarnock 

Temporary road closure - 18 June


Resurfacing works


A77 Fenwick

Temporary road closure - 4 to 16 June


A735 Dunlop to Stewarton Road and Main Street, Dunlop 

Temporary road closure and waiting restrictions - 12 to 25 June


B734 Barr to Hawkhill Road, Girvan 

Temporary road closure - 12 June to 14 July 


B742 A70 at Hillhead to C21 Craigs Road Junction, Coylton

Temporary road closure - 22 to 29 May 


B742 Holesbog s bend, Coylton

Temporary road closure - 15 to 22 May


B743 Muirkirk to Strathaven Road, Muirkirk

Temporary road closure - 8 to 19 May 


B743 Mauchline Road, Mossblown

Temporary road closure - 1 to 22 May


B744 Weston Brae, Browns Crescent and Weston Avenue, Annbank 

Temporary road closure and waiting restrictions - 12 June to 24 July 


C20 Irvine Road, Kilmaurs

Temporary road closure and waiting restrictions - 3 April to 30 June


C36 Boig Road, New Cumnock 

Temporary road closure - 9 to 10 May 


U66 South Balloch, Barr

Temporary Road Closure - 22 May to 5 June


U77 Hole Road, Coylton 

Temporary road closure - 29 May to 12 June


Burn Road, Darvel

Temporary road closure and waiting restrictions - 15 to 19 May


Browns Road, Newmilns

Temporary waiting restrictions - 25 to 28 May


Cessnock Road, Hurlford 

Temporary road closure and waiting restrictions - 22 to 26 May 


Furnace Court, Hurlford

Temporary road closure -  15 to 19 May


Bridge/Retaining Wall Repairs


U57 Southhook Road, Kilmaurs

Temporary Road Closure - 27 April to 1 July 


Garronhill, Muirkirk 

Temporary road closure - 14 July (for 18 months)


Embankment slip remediation works


B741, Dalmellington

Temporary road closure - 19 June to 29 September


East Ayrshire Council works

Glaisnock Street and Ayr Road, Cumnock

Temporary one way traffic and no left turn - 23 May to 12 June

Trunk Road works

View roadworks carried out by Amey


View roadworks carried out by Connect Roads   

 Contractor works

A79 Main Street, Prestwick

Temporary waiting restrictions - 15 to 19 May 


Greenholm Street, Kilmarnock

Temporary road closure - 3 to 5 June


Thornwood Road, Ayr

Temporary Road Closure - 20 April to 24 September

 BT/Openreach works

A735 Main Street, Kilmaurs 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 6 to 8 June 


B705 Main Street, Straiton 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 5 to 23 June 


B730 Main Street, Dundonald

Temporary waiting restrictions - 22 May to 24 May 


U40, Turnberry

Temporary road closure - 26 June


U55, Dalrymple 

Temporary road closure - 12 to 23 June 


U63, Maybole 

Temporary road closure - 31 May


U73, U723, Mauchline

Temporary road closure - 22 May to 2 June


U74, Ochiltree

Temporary road closure - 12 to 23 June


U735, U712 and U732, Mauchline

Temporary road closure - 16 to 29 May


Deveron Road and Staffin Road, Troon 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 22 to 26 May


Doonfoot Road, Ayr

Temporary waiting restrictions -  25 to 28 September


Haugh Road, Mauchline

Temporary Road Closure - 30 May to 8 June


High Street, Maybole

Temporary waiting restrictions - 26 to 30 May


Irvine Road & The Brae, Kilmaurs

Temporary waiting restrictions - 13 to 15 June


Merrick Road, Stewarton

Temporary Road Closure - 10 to 13 July


Morris Road and Caelaverock Road, Prestwick 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 19 April 

Network Rail works

B743 Ayr Road, Mauchline 

Temporary road closure - 10 to 12 June


B743 Ayr Road, mauchline

Temporary road closure - 16 to 19 June


B734, Pinwherry 

Tempory road closure - 3 to 7 July 


C29 Dailly Road, Maybole

Temporary road closure - 13 to 14 July 


C29/C60 Bridge No 102, Dalquharran

Temporary 3 Tonne Weight Restriction 


Habbieauld Road, Kilmaurs 

Temporary road closure - 24 to 25 August 


Mill Street, Ayr 

Temporary road closure - 29 to 30 June 

Scottish Power works 

U42, Moscow

Temporary Road Closure - 12 June to 14 June


Gallowhill Avenue and Langland Avenue, Tarbolton

Temporary waiting restrictions - 1 May to 30 June


St Andrews Street, Bentick Street and James Little Street, Kilmarnock 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 7 to 21 June 


Various Roads, Tarbolton

Temporary waiting restrictions - 29 May to 10 November 23

Scottish Water works

B730 Craigie, Symington

Temporary road closure - 22 to 26 May 


C45 Craigneil Road, Colmonell 

Temporary road closure - 23 January to 18 June 


U49 Girvan

Temporary road closure - 14 to 18 May


U40, Kirkoswald

Temporary road closure - 19 May


Beansburn, Kilmarnock

Temporary road closure - 6 July


Black Bull Close, Cumnock 

Temporary road closure - 24 May 


Carcluie Crescent, Ayr

Temporary road closure - 29 May  


David Dale Avenue, Stewarton 

Temporary road closure - 22 May to 17 July 


Gowlands Terrace, Barhill

Temporary road closure - 18 to 29 May


Hamilton Place, Cumnock 

Temporary road closure and waiting restrictions - 13 to 26 June


Hayhill, Ayr

Temporary road closure - 22 May to 2 June


Holm, Cumnock 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 20 June 


Kirkmichael Road, Newton Street & Kirkbride Crescent, Crosshill

Temporary Road Closure and waiting restrictions - 1 June 


Lochside road, Ayr

Temporary waiting restrictions - 22 June


London Road, Kilmarnock  

Temporary waiting restrictions - 30 May to 3 June


Loudon Road and Sheilds Road, Newmilns 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 29 June 


Mauchline Road, Hurlford

Temporary road closure - 12 June


New Street, Stewarton

Temporary road Closure - 20 June 


Orchard Street, Galston 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 5 to 16 June


Piedmont Square, Girvan 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 8 to 21 June 


Sandyhill Terrace, Ayr

Temporary waiting restrictions - 1 June


Shavin Brae, Ayr 

Temporary waiting restrictions - 22 to 31 May


The Avenue, Girvan

Temporary waiting restrictions  - 29 June


Woodlands Crescent, Ayr

Temporary Road Closure - 1 June

SGN Works 

Braeside Street, Kilmarnock 

Temporary road closure - 17 May to 1 September

 Contact Information 


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E-mail: enquiries@ayrshireroadsalliance.org

Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD