Road Construction Consent

In accordance with Section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 any person or organisation other than a Roads Authority who wishes to construct a new road or an extension of an existing road must obtain Construction Consent.

Before undertaking any new road construction the Developer must obtain both Detailed Planning Consent and Construction Consent*.

*Note that the granting of one does not necessarily imply the granting of the other.

Applicants must note that roads including footways, service strips, road drainage and street lighting which have commenced or been constructed without Road Construction Consent will not be adopted or maintained by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

National Roads Development Guide

The Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS) National Roads Development Guide has been adopted for use by East and South Ayrshire Councils.

The SCOTS National Roads Development Guide supports Designing Streets and expands on its principles to clarify the circumstances in which it can be used.


Additional Technical Guidance for Developers

Designs submitted for Road Construction Consent in accordance with the SCOTS National Roads Development Guide will be supported by us subject to the Network Manager’s discretion.

Developers must note that the Ayrshire Roads Alliance has additional specific design requirements in relation to the following areas:

  • Drainage and SUDS
  • Driveway dimensions
  • Swept paths

 Further information can be found within the Ayrshire Roads Alliance Additional Technical Gudance for Developers  


Road Bonds

Under the terms of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 and Security for Private Roadworks Scotland Regulations 1985 (S.I.) the developer is required to make financial provisions with the Local Authority’s Roads Service in order to safeguard the completion of the housing development roads which are the subject of Road Construction Consent. 

Where a developer is required to lodge a Road Bond or deposit, the completed CC7 Form should be submitted prior to commencement of any development on site.

Developers must note that RCC will not be issued by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance until a valid Road Bond has been lodged. 


SCOTS guide for the Road Construction Consent and Road Bond process

Technical Approval and Road Opening Permit

Applicants must note that the granting of planning consent does not carry with it the right to carry out works within the existing public road boundary and that permission must be granted by The Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA)

In accordance with Section 56 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 we require that anyone wishing to execute works in the public road (including verge) must obtain a Road Technical Approval in the form of a Road Opening Permit

The requirements for a valid application for a Road Opening Permit are:

  • Covering Letter with planning consent reference number
  • Location Plan (to 1:1250 or 1:2500 scale)
  • Detailed site plan
  • Cross-section through each area of proposed change within the adopted area (including footway) gradients and cross-falls
  • Plan showing existing signing, lining, time-plates and street furniture (i.e. prior to any works taking place)
  • Plan showing existing street lighting (including illuminated road signs)
  • Where any change to an existing Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is necessary due to the proposed works (e.g. by an access relocation), or a new TRO is required by the proposed works, the applicant will supply an electronic plan of the changes and a rechargeable works order code.

In accordance with the new Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 a minimum registration period is required for all works.

Contact should be made with The Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Asset and Roadworks Team


Apply for a Road Opening Permit



Application Forms and Guidelines for Road Construction Consent can be found below.


CC1 - Construction Consent Application 

CC2 - Docquets of Service

CC3 - Notice of Service

CC4 - Construction Consent 

CC6 - Adoption Application

CC7 - Road Bond 

CC9 - Construction Consent Process Checklist

CC10 - Road Lighting Electrical Installation Certificate


Road Lighting Standard Drawings 

Approved Road Lighting Material List 


Applications should be submitted to

 How much does it cost? 

Road Construction ConsentCost (East Ayrshire)Cost (South Ayrshire)
Initial Application £0 £0
Minor change to approved consent £290 (per amendment)  £319
Extension to approved consent £290 (per extension)  £319

Inspection fees rate

(per £1000 of road bond value)

Road bond value £0 - £20,000

£54 (minimum inspection fee £310) £59 (minimun inspection fee £341)

Inspection fees rate

(per £1000 of road bond value)

Road bond value £20,001 - £100,000

£50 (minimum inspection fee £990) £55 (minimum inspection fee £1089)

Inspection fees rate

(per £1000 of road bond value)

Road bond value over £100,000

£41 (minimum inspection fee £4,510) £45 (minimum inspection fee £4961)


Contact Information

Phone: 01563 503 160


Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD