ARA Additional Technical Guidance for Developers

East and South Ayrshire Councils have adopted the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS) National Roads Development Guide and Designing Streets 

Designs submitted for Road Construction Consent (RCC) in accordance with these standards will be supported by The Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA) subject to the Network Manager’s discretion.

However, developers must recognise and submit RCC applications in accordance with the additional ARA specific design requirements in relation to the following areas

1. Drainage and SUDS

2. Driveway dimensions

3. Swept paths

Drainage and SUDS

Developers should note that Construction Consent will not be issued until confirmation of Scottish Water Technical Approval is submitted for the drainage design.

The ARA does not support the use of roadside drainage swales on roads with a residential frontage. The drainage and SUDS layouts on residential roads should follow the design specification outlined below utilising a ‘traditional’ two-pipe system.

Two options are permissible for road gullies.Option A should be passed to Scottish Water for approval before considering Option B.

Road Drainage Option A

Road gullies will discharge directly into the main Scottish Water surface water pipe.

Since this option does not allow for pre-treatment to the road surface water before entering the surface water drain Scottish Water approval will be required before this option will be accepted.

The Scottish Water surface water pipe will lead to the end of line SUDS pond or basin.

The gullies and tails will be adopted by The Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

Road Drainage Option B

Road gullies will discharge into small sections of filter drains constructed under the footway or service strip areas.

The filter drain will then provide the levels of treatment required for the road surface water.

The filter drain sections will then connect and discharge into the main Scottish Water surface water pipe which leads to the end of line SUDs pond or basin.

The gullies, tails and small section of filter drain lengths with connecting tails will be adopted by The Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

Roof and Curtilage Drainage

All surface water tails from roof and curtilage water should be connected into the Scottish Water surface water drain on the basis Scottish Water won’t allow for this water to discharge into the Scottish Water Sewer (Combined system).

Scottish Water may also require the roof and curtilage water to be treated by means of permeable paving within the driveways before discharge can be made into the Scottish Water surface water drain, foul sewer, or combined sewer.

SUDS Ponds and Basins

Scottish Water will be required to adopt and maintain the end of line SUDs pond or basin.

Foul Drainage Scottish Water will adopt and maintain the main sewer.


Long single car width driveways are not acceptable apart from in exceptional circumstances.

All driveways require to be a minimum of 6 metres long from the rear of the public footpath.

Swept Paths

Roads layout drawings should be submitted with a vehicle Swept Path Analysis with tracking based on a 10.140m long refuse vehicle.

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