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Winter Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we frequently get asked regarding our winter service provisions. 

 Which roads do the Ayrshire Roads Alliance grit?

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance undertake gritting on its main road network and other important roads.

Generally routes are planned based on the following criteria: 


  • "A" and "B" class roads.
  • Accessibility network whereby at least one road to each settlement is treated. 
  • In urban areas district distributer roads providing for major traffic movements within towns and districts. 
  • Local distributer roads providing for traffic movements into and out of towns, and linking residential and commercial districts. 
  • Access routes to Hospitals and Schools.
  • Roads with steep gradients that fall towards main roads in residential areas (as far as practical)

Why does the Council not grit all the roads and footpaths?

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance is responsible for over 2461 km of carriageway and over 1971 km of footway/footpath.

We do not have the manpower or financial resources to treat this level of asset in our Winter Service Plan.

The extent of our gritting of precautionary carriageway network is typical of the level of service provided by other authorities.

 How often are roads gritted? 

Roads covered in our priority one gritting routes are gritted upon receipt of a weather forecast indicating the onset of frost, ice or snow provided the forecast is issued sufficiently early.

This is usually carried out prior to the onset of adverse weather conditions.

Priority two and three gritting routes are gritted as and when resources are available.

Who decides whether the roads are gritted?

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance use a weather forecasting service and decides to grit the network based on the forecast received.

The decision to grit the road is taken by the Winter Controller who is on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 How do i know if my area has been gritted?

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance have implemented a Gritter Tracking system

Gritter Tracking provides details of out of hour winter service operations.

Gritters can be viewed from 4pm on receipt of adverse weather forecast.

Who is responsible for gritting private roads and car parks? 

Private Roads - The owners of the road

Private Car Parks - The owner/operator of the car park

Doctors Surgeries - The local practice

Hospitals - NHS Ayrshire and Arran

What about the other roads?

Other roads will be considered for treatment, if there is an extended period of sub-zero temperatures or a significant snowfall. 

How do I apply for a new grit bin? 

You can apply for a new grit bin by populating the form on our Gritter Tracking system

How do I request that a grit bin is refilled?

You can request a grit bin is refilled* on our Gritter Tracking system


*Winter Resilience Groups should request their bins to be refilled by calling or emailing us using the contact details below.

Can I provide assistance within my Local Area?

Yes!! The Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA) actively promote winter resilience.

We work with local groups throughout East and South Ayrshire, and on request can provide winter equipment, training and personal protective equipment (PPE) to any interested groups who are willing to grit local footways and path access when ARA resources are not available.

Apply to become a Winter Resilience Group 

 Where can I get salt? 

If you're in East or South Ayrshire small quantities of salt for use on the adopted road and footways adjacent to your property can be collected from grit bins located in your local area.


View our grit bins

What do I do if my vehicle has been damaged by a gritter?


If your vehicle has been damaged by a gritter call the Ayrshire Roads Alliance on 01563 503 160 (during working hours) 

Who do I contact if there is a burst water main?

If there is a burst water main contact Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778 

Contact Information



Phone: 01563 503 160

E-mail: enquiries@ayrshireroadsalliance.org

Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD