Traffic Regulation Orders

From time to time we review Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) and make changes as appropriate.  

TROs may be required for many different restrictions, including:

  • Access and turning restrictions
  • Cycle and bus lane restrictions
  • One-way street restrictions
  • Road and footway closures
  • School Streets Trials 
  • Speed limit changes
  • Waiting and loading restrictions
  • Weight and width restrictions

Our traffic orders are posted on Tell Me Scotland 

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders

A Temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) is a legal order. TTROs may be used as a short-term traffic restriction in order to control the flow of traffic.

Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic regulation orders (TROs) are legal agreements which allow us or the police to enforce regulations including speed limits, on-street parking and one-way streets.

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