Motorhome and Campervan Parking

Motorhome and Campervan parking is available at the following locations: 

Permanent sites
 Town Location  Dates  Cost
Ayr  Esplanade Car Park All year 

 £10 per night

(max of 3 nights, no return within 24 hours)

Girvan  Knockcushan Street Car Park                              All year                 
Summer motorhome sites

Temporary sites

Town  Location  Dates  Cost
Ayr  The Battery (Pier access road) May - September

 £10 per night

(max of 3 nights, no return within 24 hours)

Ballantrae  The Vennel Car Park May - September
Troon   North Shore Road (Barassie toilets) Car Park May - September
Who can use the dedicated motorhome bays?
  • The bays are for the sole use of motorhome/campervan style vehicles.
  • These are defined by the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) (No2) Regulations 1987 as a:

"Motor vehicle which is constructed or adapted for the carriage of passengers and their effects and which contains, as permanently installed equipment, the facilities which are reasonably necessary for enabling the vehicle to provide mobile living accommodation for its users". 

  • Caravans are not permitted in the bays.

For further information contact parking:


What facilities are on offer?

Facilities for Motorhome and Campervan parking
Permanent sites
Town Car Park Facilities
Collection of chemical waste  On site toilet and washroom facilities 

Esplanade Car Park   

 Yes  No

Knockcushan Street Car Park



during opening hours

(charges apply)

temporary site facilities
Temporary sites
Town Car Park Facilities
Collection of chemical waste  On site toilet and washroom facilities 

The Battery

(Pier access road)

No (available within Esplanade car park) No

The Vennel Car Park  



during opening hours


North Shore Road (Barassie toilets) Car Park



(charges apply)

  • Over the course of the summer of 2024 we will be introducing a new barrier system within the Esplanade Car Park, Ayr which will be used to control access to the car park. There will also be permanent waste management facilities installed to replace the temporary hired equipment.


How do I make payment  

Payment should be made via the cashless parking system  PayByPhone

Payments must be made if staying beyond or arriving after 6pm each night (for a maximum of 3 nights)

  • Once your parking session has expired, and unless extending your stay, we ask that you vacate the space by 1.00pm to allow others to pitch up. 
Pay for motorhome parking
Town  Car Park   Pay by Phone Location Code Pay and Display Machine
Ayr  Esplanade Car Park  807190 No
Ayr  The Battery (Pier access road)  808982 No
Ballantrae The Vennel Car Park  808981 No
Girvan  Knockcushan Street Car Park   807191 Yes
Troon  North Shore Road (Barassie toilets) Car Park  808978 No

Can I book in advance?

We are not able to physically reserve spaces, which means that you cannot book a space in advance. Therefore, please don’t pay until you have arrived and secured an available space.


How will this be monitored and enforced?

Parking Attendants will regularly patrol the car parks and surrounding streets. Special patrols will take place later into the evening and also early morning to ensure compliance.

Drivers who haven’t paid the appropriate fee or are found to be illegally parked in any other part of the car park or surrounding streets, will be served with a penalty charge notice for the relevant offence.


I’m concerned that this may encourage anti-social behaviour. What are you doing to protect residents?

There are a number of restrictions that already apply to the car parks, these are listed below:

  • No parking of trailers or caravans separately from their motor vehicles without written permission of a person duly authorised by the Council.
  • No camping, washing crockery, cutlery, clothing or any other articles whatsoever outside of permitted vehicles using permitted bays.
  • No sounding of any horn on a vehicle, use of any auxiliary motor or generator, shouting, operation of a radio, loudspeaker, or any other similar instrument or otherwise make any loud noise to the disturbance or annoyance of users of the parking place or residents or occupiers of premises in the neighbourhood.
  • No line, cable, tent, booth, stand, building or other structure to be erected without written permission of a person duly authorised by the Council to give such permission.
  • No driving of any motor vehicle around such parking place unnecessarily, recklessly, erratically, dangerously, or play any game or sport involving motor vehicles, motor sport or motor trials.

Contact Information 

Phone: 01563 503 160


Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD