Apply for a disabled persons parking place

If you are a Blue Badge holder living in a property that does not have access to off-street parking you may be eligible to apply to have a designated disabled persons parking place marked at or near your home.

To qualify for a disabled persons parking place you must: 

    • have a Blue Badge.
    • have a vehicle registered at the address.
    • have a vehicle that is suitable for your needs.
    • not have use of a driveway, access or garage at the property, or alternative parking facilities adjacent to, your address.


Disabled persons parking place - applicant information

The applicant:

    • must be a qualifying person with a current three-year disabled person’s Blue Badge with a minimum remaining validity of 2 years.
    • an applicant’s address must be the same as the registered address of the registered keeper of a vehicle, which is suitable for the carriage of the individual.
    • a copy of the relevant Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) must accompany the application form. Applications will only be considered with a copy of the appropriate V5C (If you are a Motability customer, you can request a copy of your V5C by contacting Motability and providing your vehicle details or customer reference number).
    • the applicant should be either the driver of the vehicle or a passenger who must be supervised, or it must only be possible for a vehicle to stop safely to pick up or set down the applicant with a bay.
    • there must be no driveway/hard standing/garage or lock up adjacent to the dwelling.
    • the disabled parking place will not be provided where it is feasible to form off-road parking adjacent to the dwelling i.e. there must be insufficient garden area to form a driveway or hard standing adjacent to the dwelling.

Apply for a disabled persons parking place 

Before considering an application Ayrshire Roads Alliance must have received the required supporting documentation before the application is considered lodged.


Disabled persons parking place - assessment criteria

Ayrshire Roads Alliance must decide:

    • whether it is possible to identify a suitable on-road parking place from which there is convenient access to the applicant’s address.
    • that the provision of the disabled parking place will not compromise safe and efficient traffic management locally.

A bay may not be provided if:

    • the bay would be located within 15 metres of a junction.
    • the bay would be located within a turning facility.
    • the bay would be likely to cause an obstruction.
    • the bay is not on a road which the Roads Authority maintains (if so, a request should be made directly to those who have management responsibilities for these areas such as a housing association or factor)
    • Any disabled parking place provided should not be considered as a parking space reserved for the sole use of the applicant or any other individual.
    • The applicant must inform Ayrshire Roads Alliance if the bay requires renewal or for any reason is no longer required.
    • Renewals require the applicant to complete a new application.

Further information is available within disabled parking places frequently asked questions  


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