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Disabled Persons Parking Place - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a designated disabled persons parking place?

A designated disabled persons parking place is a parking bay, marked on the road which can only be used by vehicles displaying valid blue badges.

A Blue Badge Holder can apply for a disabled parking bay near their home, please note that this bay does not belong to them, anyone with a valid Blue Badge on display can use the space.

Is a designated disabled persons parking place enforceable?

A designated disabled persons parking place is enforceable if it is included in a legal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). 

To ensure you receive the bay as quickly as possible the bays are initially marked as advisory bays. 

We annualy amend the TRO's to include new bays (March to February). 

Any disabled parking bay installed will be advisory until such time as it is included within a future TRO, providing the TRO is successfully implemented the bay then becomes enforceable for disabled badge holders only.

When bays are included in the Traffic Order an upright sign is provided on site adjacent to the bay.

Disabled Badge Holders Only

Why does my vehicle need to be registered to my address?

Designated disabled persons parking places are provided to assist disabled drivers park their own vehicles near their homes. 

They are not provided for the convenience of visitors, carers or family members who are using their own vehicles to transport the disabled person. 

Submitting supporting information in the form of a V5C demonstrating that there is a vehicle in the name of the applicant, registered to their address demonstrates that the above criteria is met. 

  • Your application will be refused if you do not have a valid V5C or Motability Finance documents, demonstrating that your vehicle is registered at the address for which you have applied for the disabled parking place.

I’m not the driver of the vehicle. Would I be eligible for a designated disabled persons parking place?

If you are not the driver of the vehicle, the default position is that you are not eligible for a designated disabled persons parking place.

This is because we would initially consider that the person who is driving you could stop outside your home (even double parked if necessary) for the short time it would take you to board/alight the vehicle and then could find a parking space for the vehicle elsewhere. 

In certain circumstance however we will provide a designated disabled persons parking place for a blue badge holder who is not the driver. 

Such circumstances include: 

  • The blue badge holder is a child
  • The disabilities affecting the blue badge holder mean than they cannot be left unattended whilst the driver parks the vehicle elsewhere
  • It is not safe to stop the vehicle without a bay – even for the short time required to pick up drop off

I don’t have a car, but when my family come to pick me up they can’t get parked near my home. Can I apply for a designated disabled persons parking place?

Unless your disabilities mean that you cannot be left unattended, you would not be eligible for a designated disabled persons parking place. 

If you are being picked up, family and friends can stop in the road, even double parked for the short time needed for you to board and alight without a disabled parking bay.  

I’ve got a front garden. Will my application for a designated disabled persons parking place be refused?

If you have 5.5m or more of garden ground to the front, rear or side of your home that is accessible from the public road network then your application will be refused on the basis that you have the ability to form off road parking. 

I’ve got garden ground accessible from the public road, but I can’t or don’t want to form off road parking. Can I apply on this basis?

No.  We appreciate that there are costs associated with forming off street parking, but the applications are assessed only on technical suitability.

It must be remembered that there is no right of parking on the public road.  Parking is tolerated where it does not impact on road safety or present an obstruction to road users.  Designated parking places may be provided by the local authority to those who have no other option but to park on the road. 

If you are a council tenant, please discuss the matter with your housing officer.

Will I be able to have the bay exactly where I want it?

Not necessarily.  If your application is approved the location of the designated disabled persons parking place will be determined by officers from Ayrshire Roads Alliance. 

This is to ensure that the bay is not going to be a hazard to other road users.

If I meet all the criteria am I guaranteed a bay?

No.  We can only provide disabled persons parking places on the public road network.  If you live on a private or un-adopted street we would not be able to approve your application. 

For applications on the public road network if you meet all the criteria then every effort will be made to find a suitable location for the bay which is convenient to your home and which does not compromise safe and efficient traffic management, but ultimately this may not be possible. 

I have a designated disabled persons parking place and am moving home. Can I have a one marked at my new property?

Please let us know if you are moving home, we can then arrange to remove your bay markings. 

You will not automatically be guaranteed a bay at your new home as the circumstances may be different.  If you still meet the eligibility criteria at your new home please complete a new application.

I have off road parking but it isn’t suitable for my needs. Will an application for an on road bay be refused?

We appreciate that vehicles have increased in size and that in particular houses built between 1950 and 1970 have driveways and garages designed for smaller vehicles. 

However we will refuse your application if you have sufficient garden ground to make necessary alterations to the off road parking area to accommodate your needs.

Someone else is parking in my bay. What can I do?

If the person is not displaying a blue badge, and your bay has an upright sign (indicating that it is an enforceable bay) please contact parking services to report the issues.  Parking attendants will be asked to attend. 

If the bay is not yet enforceable, please contact   enquiries@ayrshireroadsalliance.org to report the problem. 

With your permission we can write to your neighbours asking them to be respectful of the bay, but we will not be able to take any immediate action until the bay is included with a TRO.  We may however be able to advise you on timescales for this.

If the bay is being utilised by someone else with a blue badge, then we cannot take any action immediately please contact us on  enquiries@ayrshireroadsalliance.org to discuss options, but please be aware that any action would require a change to the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

My disabled parking place has been refused, I would like to appeal the decision.

There is no formal appeals process for disabled parking bay applications. However, if you believe that our decision does not coincide with our qualifying criteria and so you feel that we have not considered your application correctly then please put your complaint in writing stating why you believe our decision to be incorrect.

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Alternatively you can email your complaint enquiries@ayrshireroadsalliance.org

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