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Winter Resilience Groups - Guidance Notes

1. Volunteers carrying out footway gritting activities must not enter other volunteer’s households.

2. Good hygiene is essential, hands must be cleaned regularly – either washed or sanitized, even when wearing gloves.

3. Make sure hands are dry before starting works after using an alcohol based sanitizer.

4. Hands must be washed / sanitized before and after any comfort breaks.

5. Avoid touching the nose, mouth or eyes with unwashed hands or with gloves.

6. Used tissues / paper towels should be disposed of within general waste.

7. High touch areas of equipment such as spreader handles, settings lever, bucket handles, and shovels, must be cleaned down regularly with antiseptic wipes and disposed of within regular waste. This is especially important at the start/end of the task and at changeover of volunteers.

8. Physical distancing, staying 2m away from others, should be followed as far as possible i.e. use a different volunteer to carry out each task.same person pushes/pulls the hand spreader. Same person fills the hand spreader hopper etc.

PLEASE NOTE:Currently, only 2 people from 2 separate households can meet outdoors therefore if there were more than 2 volunteers in your local winter resilience group you would have to stagger actions i.e. start treatments approx. 10 minutes apart with a maximum of 2 volunteers per group maintaining 2 m distance from one another.

Flood Watch 

We are asking our Winter Resilience Groups if they would like to be a part of "Flood Watch"

Flood Watch is a new initiative introduced by Ayrshire Roads Alliance in which participating groups are asked to notify us of debris* within watercourses so we can avoid issue during exceptionally wet weather.

*any notifications of debris by our Winter Resilience and Flood Watch Groups will be dealt with by Ayrshire Roads Alliance operatives.

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