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Lighting faults

We carry out regular inspections of our street lighting, however faults inevitably occur between inspection periods.

Each lighting column has a unique reference number printed on the column. Although not essential, quoting this number when reporting any defect will allow us to pass the defect to our contractor quicker resulting in a better service.

You can report faults online during office hours or call call our emergency helpline during evenings and weekends: 

0345 724 0000 (East Ayrshire) 
0300 123 0900 (South Ayrshire) 


Repairing faults

Lighting repairs are normally completed within three working days of being notified to our contractor, however there are occasions where this is not possible due to faults such as an underground cable fault or circumstances outwith our control such as a failure of the electricity supply. You can view the response times for failures on the SP Energy Networks website.

Where works require an excavation in the footpath or road we are obliged by law to seek public utilities information identifying the location of underground services prior to carrying out any works. This information typically takes 28 days to obtain and is in addition to the contractors normal repair time.


Target repair times

Target repair times
Fault Timescale

Accident damaged or exposed electrical wiring

attended and made safe within two hours

Dark lamps (single or 2 lamps in a row

attended and where possible repaired within three working days
Section of 3 and less than 10 lights out in a row

attended and where possible repair the next day

Section of greater than 10 lights out in a row
  • if reported before 10pm, attend and repair where possible within two hours
  • If reported after 10pm, repair the next day

Faults outwith our control

Much of the our older lighting equipment receives its electrical supply directly from SP Energy Networks and cannot be repaired by the our own maintenance contractor. In the event of failure of the electrical supply we must report this to SP Energy Networks for repair who will carry out the repair within their own service timescales. Please see their website for further information 


Contact information 

Contact Information
Phone  01563 503 160
Email  enquiries@ayrshireroadsalliance.org

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