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Temporary Sign Application - Terms and Conditions

Temporary Signs to Housing Developments and Special Events

Ayrshire Roads Alliance will consider approving applications for temporary direction signs to new housing development or events or other attractions where substantial flows of non-local traffic are likely to be generated or where the presence of signs will assist traffic movements and reduce the potential for accidents.

1. Each application will be considered and if the following criteria are met, the erection of temporary traffic signs may be approved:

2. There must be sufficient off-road parking provision at the event site to accommodate the anticipated volume of vehicles.

3. There must be no other suitable signage that drivers can be advised to follow in the promotional literature for the event.

4. The event venue must not already be signed independently.

5. Signs that inform drivers to follow an existing signing scheme will not be allowed once that scheme has been picked up.

6. Promotional material for the event must accompany the application.

7. The event must be of limited duration. Guidelines for Approval of Temporary Traffic Signs for New Developments. Developers may be permitted to put up signs advertising the location of a development if they meet certain conditions. A developer who wishes to put up a sign must apply to South Ayrshire Council to do so. Signs may be permitted if:

8. The development includes a minimum of 30 properties.

9. The signs conform to the current Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions and Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions drawing P2701 (the house symbol in black on a yellow background).

10. Each sign is mounted a minimum of 2.4m above the carriageway/footway/verge and the sign is at least 0.45m from the edge of the carriageway

11. Details of the location, number, wording and method of fixing of the signs, along with proof of the developer’s public liability insurance must be provided to the council for approval prior to permission being granted. Only the minimum number of signs necessary only will be approved. In most cases, this is likely to be the minimum number of signs required to direct from the nearest classified road.

12. No costs associated with removal or maintenance of the signs shall be borne by the council

13. The signs shall be removed within three months of the sale of 80% of the properties

14. Any damage to existing street furniture arising from the erection of the temporary signs will be repaired and the costs recharged to the developer Conditions of Approval.

15. Signs are to be erected no more than 48 hours before the event, any signs found erected in advance of this will be removed and the applicant charged the cost of removal and an administrative fee of £50.00 per sign. Similarly signs are to be removed within 48 hours of the event and similar actions will be instigated should any be found after that period. When applications are made for a series of events the signs must be removed and reerected for each event. The above penalties will be incurred for deviations from this.

16. The company or organisers of the event must hold a current insurance policy that indemnifies this authority against any claim relating to the provision and siting of the temporary signs.

17. The signs must be of an appropriate size for the approach speeds of the road on which they are to be placed and must not interfere with any existing highway signage. Signs must not be placed on the same poles as Stop, Give Way signs or any regulatory sign. Unauthorised signs.

18. Where signs are erected without permission, they will be removed, and the cost of doing so will be charged to the event organisation or housing developer.


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