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The harbour at Girvan is an important feature in Girvan's economy. Our resident harbour master assists with the smooth running of the Harbour ensuring it meets the requirements of the Harbours Act 1964.

The harbour is formed at the mouth of the “Water of Girvan” and comprises of several quays on the south bank protected by a pier on the south side of the entrance and a stone breakwater on the north. A timber and steel pile screen jetty protects the berths from river scour.

Girvan supports the expanding leisure industry by providing berthing for both local yachtsmen and visitors as well as being a fishing harbour providing services to fishermen working in the lower reaches of the Clyde and the North Irish Sea.

The harbour has a 4-berth slipway, two of which are undercover as well as a dry dock.


Sail Scotland have produced an aerial video showcasing all that Girvan harbour has to offer.


Girvan Harbour Facilities

Located in the heart of Girvan the harbour is within walking distance of the town which offers various local restaurants, bars, shopping facilities and a petrol station.

The facilities include 24 hour access shower and toilet blocks, coin operated laundry as well as fresh water and electricity on the pontoons with full CCTV coverage.


Girvan Harbour Berths

Girvan Harbour offers 36 pontoon berths ranging from 7, 10 and 12 metre fingers and one pontoon berth at 17 metres, 5 of which are reserved for visiting yachts.

Measurements are taken from bow to stern 

Berth information
Timber Screen Jetty 125m
Fish Quay  62m
Fish Wharf  42m
Ailsa Berth 49m
South Pier Quay 107m



Girvan Harbour Dues

Full year rates
Full Year Rates  (1st April 2023 - 31st March 2024)  
Fishing and Commercial Vessels     £70.35 per metre length
Landing Dues 0% 


Summer season dues
Summer Season (1st April 2023 - 31st September 2023)  
Pontoon Berths - All vessels £173.25 per metre length 
Riverside of screen jetty private vessels £69.30 per metre length


Winter season dues
Winter Season (1st October 2023 - 31st March 2024)         
Pontoon Berths - All Vessels

£80.85 per metre length

(with 25% discount if summer dues paid in full)   

Riverside of screen jetty private vessel

£67.20 per metre length 

(with 25% discount if summer dues paid in full)   

Visiting Craft Pontoon  £2.83 per metre 
Pontoon Twin/Tri Hull  £2.83 per metre 
Fishing Commercial  £2.83 per metre
Private Craft /Quaysides  £2.10 per metre
Measurements are taken from bow to stern 


Miscellaneous charges
Miscellaneous Charges    
Cranes/lifting equipment operating from quayside  £52.00 per day or part thereof     
Compressors/welding gear on quayside £10.50 per day of part thereof  
Quayside cargo landing dues per 24 hours £1.00 per tonne

Quayside storage of any equipment (calculated by max width x max length)

£0.52 per square metre per month or part thereof

Vessels using the harbour slipway 

£1.60 per metre per day

Any vessel within the harbour in circumstances which, in the opinion of the harbour staff, constitute an emergency, obstruction and/or danger to harbour structures or other vessels, shall be charged an attendance fee of £32.00 together with the actual cost of attendance on that vessel until the vessel has been moved or made safe.

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Girvan Harbour Mooring - Terms and Conditions 

Definitions: Where the term "Harbour" is used below it relates to both the Harbour Basin, the Harbour Pier and the Harbour Master.

  • Visiting vessels must report to the Harbour Master on entering the harbour
  • All commercial vessels not paying annual composite harbour dues must furnish the Harbour master with details of owner’s name address and contact number
  • Contact telephone number to be left with the Harbour Master for any vessel left unattended within the Harbour
  • All contractors including crane operators must report to the Harbour Master before commencing any work within the Harbour.
  • All crane operators must produce and comply with written risk assessments before commencing any work within the harbour.
  • All vessels must use bow and stern shore ropes when berthing alongside other vessels
  • No vehicle shall be left unattended within the harbour area
  • The Harbour Master or his representative shall be responsible for the day to day running of the Harbour
  • The tariff of charges will be set by South Ayrshire Council at the start of each season but may be changed or amended at any time and relates to a boats total length
  • Existing user’s details shall be held by the Harbour Master
  • Commercial rates will only be applicable where evidence of current trading accounts can be provided
  • Charges are based on unlimited use pertaining to the relevant season and no rebate will be granted for part season berths
  • The invoice must be presented when paying your account at one of the offices listed on the reverse of the account
  • Only vessels that have paid for the summer season will be entitled to a concessionary rate should the vessel remain in the Harbour over the winter season (See Harbour dues notification for details)
  • If you have notified the Harbour Master of your intention to keep the Vessel at the Harbour over the winter season, the vessel should be removed immediately after the 30th September (an extension, up to the maximum of 2 weeks can be given in certain circumstances in agreement with the Harbour Master) thereafter a weekly charge will be applicable from the 30th September
  • All vessels using the Harbour must be covered by third party insurance and provide evidence to the Harbour Master who shall obtain a copy.

The Harbour shall have (without prejudice) the right to terminate the agreement with the owner should the owner be sufficiently be in breach of any of the terms and conditions as set out above.

South Ayrshire Council shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any event or circumstance beyond reasonable control.

Mooring Information 

The Harbour, or its designated representatives, shall have the right to board and enter to carry out any emergency work on the boat without prior notice to the owner. In these circumstances reasonable attempts to contact the owner will be made as soon as possible

If requested the owner shall deposit duplicate keys giving full access to the boat including engine keys

Boats shall be moored or berthed in the area allocated by the Harbour/Harbour Master and shall not be placed elsewhere without the agreed of the Harbour Master

The owner shall ensure that the boat is in a fit state for lifting, launching or recovery and the Harbour shall have NO liability for damage during these operations

The owner shall comply with the instruction of the Harbour Master or designated representative, in connection with all matters relating to the safe and efficient operation of the Harbour

The owner shall maintain the boat in a good and clean condition and will ensure that it is moored and secured adequately with the correct fenders and mooring lines

The owner shall not himself, nor shall he permit any other person to live aboard the boat without the specific agreement of the Harbour Master

The Harbour reserves the right to introduce any new regulations as deemed necessary to comply with statute regulations, bylaws, or health and safety requirements.

If the owner fails to remove the boat at the request of the Harbour Master, the Harbour shall have the right to do so and charge reasonable costs for doing so

The owner shall navigate and control the boat on the approach to the Harbour in a seaman like manner. In particular, whilst in the Harbour confines, the boat shall proceed at a speed that is safe in preventing conditions and shall, at all times, comply with any speed restrictions displayed

Where possible, the owner should inform the Harbour Master of any intended absence from the Harbour so that no alarm situation is created

All fuel or inflammable materials must be stored on the boat in properly secured containers or cylinders. Suitable, approved, fire extinguishers must also be installed.

No refuse shall be thrown overboard or left in the Harbour confines. No oil or waste materials shall be discharged into the water or left in the Harbour premises. No parts of boats, dinghies, gear fittings or similar items shall be left upon the pier or on the Harbour premises.

After loading or unloading cars should not be left on the pier but should be moved to the adjacent car park

All vehicles and boats in the Harbour confines are parking at the sole risk of the owner or user

Animals may be brought on the pier but must at all times be under the control of the owner and any fouling must be lifted and removed

No animal having been taken aboard shall be brought into or landed at the Harbour without the prior consent of the Harbour Master.

The Harbour is both obligated to and reserves the right to, report to the authorities and importation of such animal.


Berthing charges must be paid within 28 days of account being issued. No space will be allocated until all outstanding debts have been received in full

In the event of outstanding debts by the boat owner to the Harbour administration in respect to berthing and mooring fees, the Harbour reserves the right to exercise a lien on the owner’s boat until such times the debt is discharged.

The Harbour further reserves the right to remove the boat from its allocated area if:

the account is not settled within 28 days of the date of the invoice and recover the costs.

South Ayrshire Council reserves the right to instruct you to remove your vessel from the Harbour on non- payments of accounts.


Electricity where provided, is subject to the following terms and conditions:

The Harbour cannot guarantee continuous supply as power cuts and breakdowns are not within its control

The Harbour shall approve connectors and cables. The owner shall not seek to connect or reconnect the connectors or cables prior to receiving approval.

Electricity consumed must be paid for at the current rate of charges set by the Harbour

Contact Information

Phone: 01563 503 160


Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD