Prestwick parking consultation 2024

This consultation aims to gather feedback on parking in Prestwick. The South Ayrshire Council adopted the current parking strategy in September 2020; South Ayrshire Parking Strategy 2020 - 2024 ( which outlines a new approach to parking provisions in South Ayrshire. This strategy aims to positively benefit public access to towns and villages and plays a significant role in traffic management, transportation, sustainability and the economy. 

- We are reviewing the existing Prestwick residents' permit scheme to determine if it needs expansion or if the current provisions are still adequate.

- We will also examine other existing parking control measures, such as limited waiting on Main Street, to assess whether they are still fit for purpose.

What would we like from you? 

To help us with this review, we seek the views of Prestwick residents, the business community and visitors to the town. We want your feedback on whether any other parking issues in the town require further consideration.

We ask that you review the South Ayrshire Parking Strategy and the issues for Prestwick outlined below and tell us what you think via the questionnaire.

Prestwick residents' parking scheme 

The Prestwick residents' parking scheme, first introduced in 2016, applies restrictions to certain streets whereby residents can purchase up to two resident' permits to park on-street with no time restrictions.

The scheme is currently limited to a maximum of two resident permits per household with no resident visitor option or option for residents' carers. 

All non-permit holders are limited to a stay of 1, 2 or 3 hours, depending on which street they are in:

Table detailing existing and proposed streets within Prestwick residents' parking scheme
 Street Non permit holder limit 
 Boyd Street  1 Hour
 Gardiner Street  1 Hour
 Hunter Street   1 Hour
 Kyle Street  1 Hour
 Ladykirk Street  1 Hour
 Salisbury Place  1 Hour
 Station Road  1 Hour
 Main Street  2 Hours
 Alexandra Avenue  3 Hours
 Kirk Street  3 Hours
 Berelands Road   Proposed street
 Mieklewood Avenue

 Proposed Street

 Links Road

Proposed Street

Prestwick Residents Parking Scheme

The above map indicates the existing streets covered by the residents permit scheme and, following previous requests from residents, we have added a further two streets for proposed inclusion.

Links Road Prestwick - Proposals


The above map shows proposals for dealing with traffic issues on Links Road which are a mixture or residents permit/limited waiting bays and permanent waiting restrictions.

On-Street and Off-Street Parking

On-street parking along the Main Street is currently controlled by Limited Waiting restrictions which apply a maximum length of stay of 2 hours and a return prohibition of 1 hour.

Consideration will be given to the introduction of a 2 hour maximum stay within laybys on Prestwick Road.

Prestwick Road - Layby Proposals


Demand for short stay parking within the town centre currently outstrips supply and freely available parking bays are often difficult to locate. There is a need to manage the supply better to enable easier access to the range of thriving businesses located within the town centre. Off-Street car parks such as Bellevue Road Car Park are not subject to any time restrictions, consideration is being given to introducing measures to encourage turnover of parking bays.


The questionnaire contains a mixture of focused questions and free text boxes to enable all relevant feedback to be fully captured. This will help shape further recommendations presented to South Ayrshire Council for approval.

Please note that no decisions have been made on any subject matter contained herein, and any recommendations presented to the Council will be based on the results of this consultation which will be collated into a future consultation outcome report.


Share your views on the Prestwick parking consultation by filling out our questionnaire, please note that this consultation closes for responses on 3 May 2024.

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Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD