Delivering a shared Council roads and transportation service across East and South Ayrshire


If you notice a fault in any Public Roads, Street Lighting, Bridges or Coastal Protection Structures within East or South Ayrshire please let us know using the details below giving as much  information as possible.

When reporting online you can upload a photo of the fault and pinpoint it on a map. 

Fault Types

Public Roads

Street Lighting


Coastal Protection Structures

Report online
Street Signs (Street Sign faults do not come under the Ayrshire Roads Alliance) Report online

Emergency Faults (e.g accidental damage, major flooding)


Missing Drain Covers

Missing Ironwork Covers

Oil Spils

Lighting (accidental damage, door off)

Report by phone

0345 724 0000 (for East Ayrshire faults)

0300 123 0900 (for South Ayrshire faults)


WARNINGPlease note our online forms are not monitored in evenings or weekends. 



Trunk Roads

Transport Scotland, as an executive agency of the Scottish Government, is the roads authority for all Trunk Roads and Motorways in Scotland.

They have appointed Scotland TranServ as the trunk road operating company for the South West Scotland Unit and Connect Roads as the Motorway operating company.

Trunk Roads
Scotland TranServ Are responsible for carrying out all trunk road maintenance including the provision of winter service on the A76, A77 (from south of Fenwick) and A78 trunk roads in East and South Ayrshire.
Connect Roads Are responsible for carrying out all road maintenance including the provision of winter service on the M77 motorway in East Ayrshire. 


Contact Information 

Contact Information
Phone  01563 503 160

Ayrshire Roads Alliance

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