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Pedestrian crossings

You can request a pedestrian crossing facility through the Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

When a request is received, we will:

  •   Investigate the proposed location
  •   Investigate accident records for the area 
  •   Investigate vehicle flow and speeds in the area
  •   Gauge the demand for a crossing within specified time periods

From these investigations, an assessment of the requested crossing will be made. Consultation will also take place with Police Scotland.


Contact us to request a pedestrian crossing facility


Types of crossing

Pelican crossing 

These are signal-controlled crossings where flashing amber follows the red ‘Stop’ light.

Pelican crossings use pedestrian-operated push button controls.

There are signals for drivers and pedestrians, instructing each when to stop and go. 

Puffin crossing(Pedestrian User Friendly Intelligent Crossing) 

A development on the Pelican crossing.

It uses automatic detection of pedestrians to extend or reduce the all-red period as required to suit the crossing speed of the pedestrian

Toucan crossing 

The Toucan (two can cross) crossing is designed to be a shared crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

It has the same form of pedestrian or cyclist on-crossing detector as the Puffin crossing

Zebra crossing 

The Zebra crossing uses distinctive black and white stripes as road markings and relies on vehicles stopping when they observe a pedestrian waiting to cross

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