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This information is provided as a guide only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided various unforeseen factors may affect whether the works are carried out on the advertised dates.  It is also possible that works other than those noted may take place.

Work on the A77 and A76 Trunk Roads are not included.  Contact  Amey for details of works on these roads.

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Ayrshire Roads Alliance Roadworks

Below is a list of reported roadworks managed by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance

Carriageway ResurfacingCarriageway Resurfacing Works
A719 Doonfoot Road - Ayr Temporary Road Closure 11 to 24 October  09:30 to 15:30 
A719 Whitletts Road (West Bound) - Ayr Temporary Road Closure 11 to 22 October  08:00 to 17:00
B741 Daily to Straiton  Temporary Road Closure   20 September to
22 October
08:00 to 17:00
B741 Girvan to Dailly Temporary Road Closure  4 to 22 October

08:00 to 17:00 

B743 Main Street - Sorn Temporary Road Closure and Waiting Restrictions 9 to 24 October

08:00 to 08:00

B778 Fenwick Temporary Road Closure  25 October to
3 November
08:00 to 18:00
B7035 Glendoune to Houdston Road - Girvan Temporary Road Closure  9 to 25 October 08:00 to 17:00
C3 Mauchline to Stair Temporary Road Closure  18 to 15 October 07:00 to 17:00
Craigie Street - Ayr Temporary Footway Closure 11 to 22 October 08:00 to 16:00
McCall's Avenue - Ayr Temporary Road Closure 18 to 25 October 09:00 to 16:00
Structures WorksBridge Repairs/Retaining Wall Works

B7024 Maybole to Alloway

Temporary Road Closure 18 October to
5 November
08:00 to 17:00

Auchenwynd - Maybole

Temporary Traffic Signals 11 to 25 October 24 Hours

Waterside Street Car Park - Kilmarnock 

Temporary Closure 30 September to
29 October
24 Hours

Lighting WorksStreet Lighting Improvement Works

Masonhill - Ayr

Stop Go 29 June to 
8 October
08:00 to 17:00

Green-TickCompleted Carriageway and Footway Resurfacing Works

Temporary Road Orders 

Below is a list of temporary road orders managed by Ayrshire Roads Alliance

Temporary Road Orders
Glaisnock Street - Cumnock Emergency Road Closure - Unsafe structure 14 October to 
3 November 


Utility Roadworks

Below is a list of reported roadworks managed by utility companies.

Utility Roadworks
Contractor WorksAndrew Strain Construction Ltd Works
Quarry Knowe - Auchinleck Temporary Road Closure and Waiting Restrictions 25 October to 
15 November
BT Openreach WorksBT/Openreach Works
B734 Barr to Old Dailly Temporary Road Closure 15 to 21 October
Briarhill Court - Prestwick  Temporary Waiting Restrictions 11 to 15 October
Caerlaverock Road, St. John Street, Alexandra Avenue, Ladykirk Road and Gray Street - Prestwick Temporary Waiting Restrictions 19 to 23 October
Caerlaverock Road and Berelands Road - Prestwick  Temporary Waiting Restrictions 21 to 23 October 
Cargill Road, Gardenrose Path and Minnoch Crescent - Maybole Temporary Road Closure 12 to 16 October
Carrick Street and Wellington Street - Maybole Temporary Waiting Restrictions 13 to 17 October
Castle Street - Maybole Temporary Waiting Restrictions 11 to 15 October
Montgomerie Road and Links Road - Prestwick Temporary Road Closure and Waiting Restrictions 11 to 15 October
St Cuthberts Crescent, St Cuthberts Road and Kirklandholm Path - Prestwick Temporary Road Closure and Waiting Restrictions 11 to 15 October
Network Rail WorksNetwork Rail Works
B743 Ayr Road - Mauchline Temporary Road Closure 16 to 17 October
B778 Standalane - Stewarton Temporary Road Closure 12 July to 31 October
C47 Mansfield Road - New Cumnock Temporary Road Closure 18 to 19 October 
Portland Street - Kilmarnock Temporary Road Closure

25 to 26 October 

26 to 27 October

Scottish Water WorksScottish Water Works
Carsphairn Road - Dalmellington  Temporary Waiting Restrictions 5 November 
Dunlop Terrace - Maybole  Temporary Road Closure  30 September to 
21 October
Larchwood Road - Ayr Temporary Road Closure 18 to 22 October
North Harbour Street and York Street - Ayr Temporary Waiting Restrictions 14 October
Vicarlands - Maybole Temporary Road Closure 18 to 27 October 
SGN WorksSGN Works
B7073 Main Road - Crookedholm  Temporary Waiting Restrictions 27 September to 
11 October 
Belmont Road - Ayr Temporary Road Closure  25 June to 31 October 
SP Energy WorksSP Energy Networks Works
C113 Cutstraw Road - Stewarton Temporary Road Closure 21 to 30 October
Contractor WorksWills Brothers Civil Engineering Works
Bungalow Road, Low Grange - Maybole

Temporary Road Closure 
(construction of the new Maybole bypass)

1 April to 1 December

Kirkland Path - Maybole

Temporary Road Closure and Waiting Restrictions   10 June to 31 October

Contractor WorksW.I & A Gilbert Ltd Works

Lugton Road - Dunlop Temporary Waiting Restrictions 1 November to 
17 December

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