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Tourist signposting

Tourism plays a vital role in contributing to the success of Ayrshire’s economy. Directing visitors safely to quality tourist attractions and facilities is key to their enjoyment of the area. It is essential therefore, that directional signing is effective. It must be safely designed, sensibly located and well maintained. The standard of tourist signing must also be consistent across the country.

The Scottish Government has set out in detail (S.O.D.D. Circular 27/1995) the arrangements for signposting tourist attractions and facilities in Scotland. It defines tourist attractions for signposting purposes as a permanently established destinations or facilities that attracts or is used by visitors to an area, and which is open to the public without prior booking during its normal opening hours and is recognised by VisitScotland as a tourist attraction.

If you are the owner or operator of a tourist facility or attraction and wish to have brown tourist road signs erected to direct visitors to your destination you should;

  • Contact  Visit Scotland to ensure your facility or attraction is recognised by Visit Scotland and satisfies their quality assurance criteria. Eligibility from Visit Scotland does not confer automatic entitlement to tourist signs. Many other factors have to be considered by the Road Authority including availability of space, existing sign provision, road safety considerations and sign clutter. Each application will be considered on its merits.


  • Determine which Road Authority you should apply to

Apply for tourist signposting

If your property is accessed directly from the A77 or A78 trunks roads you should contact 

Scotland Transerve
Scotland Transerve

Scotland TranServ

150 Polmadie Road


G5 0HD

Scotland TranServ will advise you on how to apply for tourist signing on the trunk road network, they will also forward your application to the relevant local road authorities if you require signs on a local (Council) road as well.

Guidance and Policy for tourist signposting on trunk roads and motorways is available from Transport Scotland.

If your property is accessed directly from a local (Council) road you should apply to Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

Location Application Forms
 South Ayrshire 

Tourist signposting application form

Tourist signposting policy

We will consider all applications for Tourist Signing within 21 days of receipt of a completed application form.

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