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Road Construction Consent

As stated in Section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) act 1984, any person or organisation other than a Roads Authority who wishes to construct a new road or an extension of an existing road must obtain Construction Consent.

Construction Consent is granted by the Local Roads Authority and road construction works may only be undertaken while the Construction Consent (Form CC4) remains valid.

Before undertaking any new road construction the Developer must obtain both Detailed Planning Consent and Construction Consent. Please note that the granting of one does not necessarily imply the granting of the other.

National Roads Development Guide

The SCOTS National Roads Development Guide (NRDG) has now bean adopted for use by East and South Ayrshire Council.

A copy of the NRDG can be downloaded as a PFD using the link below.



Application Forms
Application Forms and Guidelines
CC1 - Construction Consent Application
CC2 - Docquets of Service 
CC3 - Notice of Service
CC6 - Adoption Application
CC7 - Road Bond
CC9 - Construction Consent Checklist 

CC10 - Road Lighting Electrical Installation Certificate

Road Lighting Standard Drawings

Approved Road Lighting Material List


How much does it cost?

RCC cost
Road Construction ConsentCost
Minor change to approved consent £275 (per amendment) 
Extension to approved consent £275 (per extension) 

Inspection fees rate

(per £1000 of road bond value)

Road bond value £0 - £20,000

£51 (minimum inspection fee £300)

Inspection fees rate

(per £1000 of road bond value)

Road bond value £20,001 - £100,000

£47 (minimum inspection fee £960)

Inspection fees rate

(per £1000 of road bond value)

Road bond value over £100,000

£39 (minimum inspection fee £4,400)

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