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H bar marking

If you live in East or South Ayrshire you can apply to have markings placed across dropped kerbs or driveways to help keep the area clear of obstructions. 

The presence of dropped kerbs at a pedestrian crossing point or driveway should be sufficient for drivers to identify the area as somewhere they should not park, however some drivers either do not notice or choose to ignore the drop kerbs and park across them. This causes difficulties for pedestrians, wheelchair users and residents in using their driveways.

There is provision within the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 for the Council to provide a road marking across dropped kerbs or driveways. A single white line with short transverse markings at either end is the approved road marking. It is commonly referred to as an H-bar marking

This marking is an advisory marking intended to highlight the presence of a dropped kerb or driveway and to deter drivers from parking there. Although the markings have no legal standing, actual obstruction of a driveway is a matter Police Scotland can deal with.

What does it cost?             £258.30 (initial fee) for each driveway marking applied.
   You will be liable for all future maintenance costs of the H-bar.
   If you are a blue badge holder (Blue Badge scheme) you are exempt from these charges.
Apply for H Bar marking  You can download a paper copy of the  H-Bar Marking Application Form , or apply below.


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 1. Where obstruction takes place on a regular basis the resident should, in the first instance, provide a small sign at their boundary requesting that drivers 'keep clear' of the driveway. If this is ineffective the resident should then contact Police Scotland for assistance.   Download an example 'keep clear' sign

Police Scotland incident numbers must be provided to show that obstruction is ongoing despite complying with the above condition.

 3. Applications for an H-bar marking must include evidence (photographic) of a continual obstruction problem after the keep clear sign is in place.

A fee (shown above) is payable upon installation of your marking. (4.1) The above fee will be waived for Blue Badge holders.  Applicant must provide a copy of their blue badge to qualify.


The cost of all future maintenance of the H-bar marking will be at the applicant’s expense (unless item 4.1 has been satisfied).


The marking must be provided by the Council’s approved road marking contractor and may form part of a larger package.  Markings are provided as soon as possible but not immediately.


The applicant must not park on the markings outside their driveway. Such behaviour undermines the effectiveness of the marking. The Council will remove any marking that is persistently being misused by residents or their visitors.


Justification for an H-bar marking will be determined by Council officers after consideration of the submitted evidence, displacement of the parking, sightline obstructions and any nearby parking restrictions.


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