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On-street parking

Parking incorrectly, such as on double yellow lines, in a bus lane, across cycle lanes or in residents' parking bays, even for a few minutes, can cause inconvenience and even danger to other road users and pedestrians.

Following these simple rules will help you to park in a way that doesn't cause inconvenience or a danger to other members of the public and prevent you receiving a fine.

Highway code
Highway Code
Always check the lines on the road, and where applicable, the signs by the side of the road
Do not block entrances to private properties
Do not double park or park more than 50 centimetres from a kerb or boundary
Do not park partially or fully on footways or pavements
Do not park in a way that will make it unsafe for pedestrians at dropped/raised crossing places
Do not park on pedestrian crossings or the white zigzag markings near to the crossing or on yellow zigzag School Keep Clear markings
Do not park on corners of junctions, or brows of hills

If you are unsure of where to park legally, please refer to the highway code for further advice.

On-street parking in East and South Ayrshire

Signs and lines on-street indicate where parking is permitted or prohibited on roads.

In town centres some parking is restricted to short time periods. This allows for more people to park in the town centre throughout the day.

Generally the further out from the town centre the parking is located the, longer the permitted parking period is. Ayr and Kilmarnock are the only towns in East and South Ayrshire where there are charges to park on-street.

Parking for motorcycles in Ayr town centre

There is free on-street parking for motorcycles in Ayr town centre ONLY within the bays marked for motorcycles.

If parking your motorcycle in a Pay and Display car parking bay then a valid Pay and Display ticket must be displayed.

Pay and Display

There are on street designated parking bays (pay and display) located on various streets within Ayr and Kilmarnock town centres indicated by appropriate lines and signs. Check relevant signs and/or notices for tariffs and charging hours.

Charges apply all year round with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and payment can be made by the insertion of coins at associated pay and display ticket machines or via the cashless payment system operated by RingGo.

East Ayrshire Pay and Display information

South Ayrshire Pay and Display Information

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