Kilmarnock Residents Parking Permit - Terms and Conditions

1. Ayrshire Roads Alliance shall issue a resident’s parking permit to an eligible resident subject to the following conditions

a) The applicant shall keep and use an eligible vehicle;

b) The applicant shall reside at an eligible address;

c) A maximum of 1 permit will be issued per eligible address;

d) The application shall be submitted in writing using this form;

e) The applicant shall provide such information and documentation as Ayrshire Roads Alliance require in order to verify that the application is valid;

f) The permit will be valid for 12 calendar months from the date of issue.

2. A resident’s parking permit shall be displayed on the vehicle for which it is intended in a conspicuous position so that it is clearly visible to a person standing outside the vehicle.

3. A resident’s parking permit shall

a) Be used only on the vehicle for which is was issued and which bears the same registration mark as the permit;

b) Be used only in parking places within the Parking Zone stated on the permit;

c) Not be altered or defaced in any way;

d) Remain the property of Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

4. Ayrshire Roads Alliance may, by giving 28 days’ notice in writing to the permit holder at the address given on this form, withdraw a permit.

5. Ayrshire Roads Alliance shall issue duplicate or replacement permits on payment of an administration fee to residents to whom a permit was previously issued and where the permit issued previously has become damaged or defaced or has been lost or stolen.

6. Permits not valid for use within Council Owned car parks.

Contact Information 

Phone: 01563 503 160


Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD