Kilmarnock Residents Parking Permit - Eligibility

If you live within Kilmarnock then you may be eligible for a Resident's Parking Permit.

This permit will exempt your vehicle from parking charges or time restrictions for a specified parking zone.


The following conditions apply:

Kilmarnock Residents Permit Conditions
  • A maximum of one resident's parking permit will be issued per household
  • An application for a resident's parking permit must be made by the resident to whom the permit will be issued
  • To qualify for a resident's parking permit you must be a resident and own or have permanent use of a vehicle which is kept at your address
  • A resident's parking permit is only valid during the period when parking charges apply
  • A resident's parking permit does not reserve or guarantee the holder a parking space

Green-TickResidents must reapply for a Resident’s Parking Permit each year. This minimises the risk of fraudulent use by restricting               the number of old permits that continue in circulation


Green-TickIf you move out of the town centre. The annual Resident's Parking Permit renewal will be free of charge


 Addresses which fall under the zones below may be eligible for a Residents Parking Permit*


*Please note: to maximise parking turn over in core shopping streets, permits will not be issued for use within Zone A.  Residents of Zone A will be able to apply for a permit for use in Zone B. 

Zone A
Parking Zone A
Bank Street
John Finnie Street
Nelson Street
St. Marnock Place

St. Marnock Street

Zone B
Parking Zone B
Dundonald Road (Portland Road to The Howard Park)
Dunlop Street (John Finnie Street to Grange Street) 
Grange Place
John Dickie Street (John Finnie Street to Grange Street) 
Nelson Street (John Finnie Street to Grange Street) 
Portland Road (St. Marnock Street to North Hamilton Street)
Portland Street (West George Street to Union Street)
Parking Zone C
Douglas Street
High Glencairn Street
King Street (Titchfield Street to St. Marnock Street) 
Kirktonholm Street 
St. Andrew's Street (Armour Street to Fowlds Street) 
Titchfield Street 


Contact Information

Phone: 01563 503 160


Address:  Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Opera House, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD