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Ayr Town Centre Residents Parking Permit Sub Zone Information

The areas within the town centre in which Ayr Town Centre Residents Parking Permits apply are divided into sub zones. 

Parking Map

Street Numbers Sub Zone
Academy Street  All  A1
Alloway Street  All A3

Barns Street

All A2

Beresford Terrace

Nos. 1 to11 & 2 to16  A3
Boat Vennel All  A1

Boswell Park 

All A2

Carrick Street 

All A2
Cathcart Street  All A1
Charlotte Street  Nos. 3 to 17 & 2 to 8  A1
Citadel Place  All A1
Dalblair Road  All A3
Douglas Street  All A2 

Fort Street 

All A1
Fullarton Street All A2
George Street  Nos. 2 to 24  A2
High Street  Nos. 1 to 155 & 2 to 176 A3
Hope Street All A2
Killoch Place  All A3
Kyle Street  All  A3
Mews Lane  All A1
Mill Street  All  A3
Mill Wynd  All A3
New Bridge Street  All A1 
Newmarket Street  All A2
Old Bridge Street All A2
Parkhouse Street  All A3
River Street  All A2
River Terrace  All A2
Sandgate  All A1

Smith Street

All  A3
South Harbour Street  Nos. 1 to 13  A1 
St. Johns Street  All A1
Wellington Square  All A1

The permit can only be used when parking in a marked parking bay within the street(s) it is valid for.

It does not entitle the holder to park in areas covered by waiting or loading restrictions or in bays designated for a particular purpose e.g. disabled bay. 

If you live close to the boundary between two sub zones and would prefer your permit to be valid in the adjoining sub zone you may be eligible for a change in sub zone*

*Please note that such requests are only granted in exceptional cases, such as where the closest parking spaces in the adjoining sub zone are nearer the applicant’s home than those in the applicant’s own sub zone.

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