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Apply for a Disabled Persons Parking Place

If you are a Blue Badge holder living in a property that does not have access to off-street parking you may be eligible to apply to have a designated disabled persons parking place marked at/near your home.

Blue Badge information

Disabled persons parking place applications are assessed against a range of criteria including but not limited to

  • Applicant is the driver of the vehicle*
  • Applicant holds a valid blue badge
  • Applicant has a car registered to the address
  • Applicant has no access to off-street parking
  • Applicant has insufficient garden ground to create off street parking

*exemptions do apply please see the full criteria in the Disabled Persons Parking Place Qualifying Criteria

Application form

Before completing the application please ensure you have read and understood the following 

Disabled Persons Parking Place Documents
 Disabled Persons Parking Place Qualifying Criteria
 Disabled Persons Parking Place - Frequently Asked Questions 

If after reading the qualifying criteria, terms and conditions, you consider that you are eligible for a designated disabled persons parking place you can apply using the form below: 


  • Disabled Persons Parking Place
    Application Form
  • I have read the qualifying criteria, FAQs and terms and conditions before completing this application
  • The applicant is a blue badge holder
  • Name
  • Address
  • The applicant has access to off road parking
  • There is sufficient garden ground at the above address to create off road parking
  • The applicant has a vehicle registered to the above address
  • Declaration
    I understand the decision to provide, or not to provide, a disabled parking place rests with the Head of Roads & Transportation and even if I qualify it may not be possible to identify a disabled parking place because of traffic disruption or road safety concerns. I understand that anyone displaying a valid blue badge may park in any disabled space including the one I am applying for; it will not be for my sole use.
  • Name


Contact Information 


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E-mail: enquiries@ayrshireroadsalliance.org

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