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How many streetlights do Ayrshire Roads Alliance look after?

There are over 40,000 street lights in East and South Ayrshire.


How many LED streetlights do Ayrshire Roads Alliance have?

Around 10,000 street lights are LED


When are you going to replace the street lights in my street with LEDs?

Both East and South Ayrshire approved funding to replace all street lights with LEDs over 2 years for South Ayrshire and 3 years for East Ayrshire. While the programmes are still in the early stages it is not possible for us to give specific dates for when the works will be carried out, but details will be issued on social media as and when works are scheduled for specific areas.


How much energy is consumed by streetlights in East/South Ayrshire?


 Annual Energy Consumption 2018/19  
 East Ayrshire  7.27Gwh                                                                                                                                       
 South Ayrshire  6.75GWh                                    


I’d like to have a driveway constructed for my house but there’s a street light in the way, can it be moved?

It is possible to have street lights moved within one or two metres without affecting the light on the road and pavement. However, there are factors which we need to check before we can go ahead. If it is possible to move a street light then the person (or company) who asked for it to be moved is expected to pay the full cost of moving it.


Maintenance workers came, but the light was not repaired.

We try to fix faults on the first visit. If the fault was not fixed then there may be a fault in the electricity supply or new parts are needed.


When will the faulty street light be fixed?

Faults are normally repaired within 5 working days after receiving the report. In an emergency we will try to be on site within 2 hours of receiving the report.

If the fault is with the electricity supply then these will take longer to fix.


How do i report a fault?

If you haven’t reported the fault to us please don’t assume that someone else has.

Details on how to report a fault can be found here


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