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South Ayrshire Council Active Travel Strategy

The South Ayrshire Active Travel Strategy has been released as a consultation in order to give you the opportunity to review and comment on the document before it’s adopted by the Council.

South Ayrshire Active Travel Strategy

The strategy is extremely important, setting out how we will encourage and promote active travel over the next five years and beyond.

Active travel has become crucial in recent years, as we look to tackle the climate crisis. With transport seen as a massive contributor to air pollution; walking, cycling, and wheeling could play a key role in reducing carbon in our atmosphere.

The strategy highlights infrastructure projects which encourage the shift to active travel, such as

Additional cycle lanes and crossing points,

Dropped kerbs and rest shelters.

The document also notes the importance of changing behaviour and educating people.

 As well as education, the strategy identifies five other key objectives which help encourage active travel





and Place.

View the South Ayrshire Active Travel Strategy 

Send your comments and views on the South Ayrshire Active Travel Strategy to saats@sweco.co.uk before 12 November 2021.

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