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East Ayrshire Council Rugby Park Match Day Parking Consultation

East Ayrshire Council proposes to consider the introduction of a new Traffic Regulation Order for match day parking in the vicinity of Rugby Park, Kilmarnock to help address issues around dangerous or obstructive parking.

This consultation will help capture the extent of the match day parking problems and help develop proposals.

 Background Information
 Previous Considerations
Match Day Parking at Rugby Park
 Excerpt of Existing Traffic Order
 Plan of Existing Restrictions

Assessment Criteria 

Red ExclamationWe are not proposing to completely prohibit parking or create, in effect, an exclusion zone

Green-TickOur priority is to identify the areas where visitor parking is causing a road safety issue.

Therefore, the surveys undertaken by Ayrshire Roads Alliance Officers will take into account the following criteria: 

Assessment Criteria
Is the road blocked to such an extent that vehicles, especially emergency services vehicles and buses, cannot safely proceed?
Are sightlines obscured making it difficult or dangerous to exit junctions?
What are the approximate driving speeds along the road?



The main options available to deal with these issues in the future is to introduce a mixture of permanent and part-time waiting restrictions.

Signage can be erected to this effect which is compliant with Statutory Instruments and these would be complemented by single or double yellow lines painted on the carriageway. Only those areas where a proven road safety issue has been identified would be included.

In order to identify all the areas which should be considered for inclusion in the new scheme, surveys are being undertaken by Ayrshire Road Alliance Officers during the month of October 2021 in addition to work already undertaken to gather information by the Parking Attendants.

It is also considered prudent to enter into this public engagement exercise whereby residents can put forward their case to have their streets or parts thereof included.



Option 1 -

All day Match Day Restrictions

Restrictions can be applied which would introduce all day waiting restrictions. The restrictions would apply to all drivers, including residents, between the hours of 00:01 and 23:59 on match days and these restrictions would be indicated by a single yellow road marking accompanied by the following sign:

Match Days 

Option 2 -

Part of the day Match Day Restrictions

Similar restrictions to those described under Option 1 could be introduced which would apply during specified times only. Again, these restrictions would be indicated by a single yellow road marking accompanied by the following sign (times can be varied to suit):

 Match Days Option 2

If either of these 2 options are chosen there needs to be a method for letting motorists know when it is a match day.

This can be done by the provision of “entry signs” located on all approach roads. These signs would also be permanent fixtures and would be flip down style signs which could be erected on existing street furniture or on signs posts where none is available.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance will have a responsibility for ensuring these signs are flipped open each match day and then closed over again thereafter and this type of sign is shown as follows:

Match Day Option 2

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have experienced a high volume of calls regarding this consultation, below is a list of frequently asked questions 

East Ayrshire Council Rugby Park Match Day Parking Consultation - Frequently Asked Questions 


Residents Feedback

Please consider the above assessment criteria and provide your feedback by Saturday 30th October 2021 using our online survey

You can also e mail your comments on these proposals to

 Email ara.parking@ayrshireroadsalliance.org

This consultation will close on Saturday 30th October 2021

Traffic Order Making Process

After the consultation process has been completed a report will be submitted to East Ayrshire Council Cabinet which details the results of the consultation process and gives recommendations on how we should proceed.

If Cabinet approves these recommendations then the work would commence on the preparation and promotion of Traffic Regulation Orders following a statutory process.

In the first instance the proposals are presented to Police, Fire and other statutory bodies for their consideration and this stage of the process normally takes up to three or four weeks. Thereafter, the proposals are subject to a wider public consultation where objections may be raised during the 21 day consultation period.

Any valid objections raised have to be resolved before the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) making process can proceed. Thereafter, the date for the making of the TRO is set having established realistic timescales for the introduction of any lines, signs and / or other equipment necessary for the implementation of the TRO restrictions.

Timescales for the preparation and implementation of new TROs are entirely dependent upon the scope of the proposals, the nature of any objections raised and the ability to mitigate these. Therefore, it is could take a further six to twelve months after the conclusion of this consultation before any new restrictions are implemented.

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