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Girvan Harbour

The harbour at Girvan is an important feature in Girvan's economy. Our resident harbour master assists with the smooth running of the Harbour ensuring it meets the requirements of the Harbours Act 1964.

The harbour is formed at the mouth of the “Water of Girvan” and comprises of several quays on the south bank protected by a pier on the south side of the entrance and a stone breakwater on the north. A timber and steel pile screen jetty protects the berths from river scour.

Girvan supports the expanding leisure industry by providing berthing for both local yachtsmen and visitors as well as being a fishing harbour providing services to fishermen working in the lower reaches of the Clyde and the North Irish Sea.

The harbour has a 4-berth slipway, two of which are undercover as well as a dry dock.

Girvan Harbour Facilities

Located in the heart of Girvan the harbour is within walking distance of the town which offers various local restaurants, bars, shopping facilities and a petrol station.

The facilities include 24 hour access shower and toilet blocks, coin operated laundry as well as fresh water and electricity on the pontoons with full CCTV coverage.

Girvan Harbour Berths

Girvan Harbour offers 36 pontoon berths ranging from 7, 10 and 12 metre fingers and one pontoon berth at 17 metres, 5 of which are reserved for visiting yachts.

Timber Screen Jetty 125m
Fish Quay  62m
Fish Wharf  42m
Ailsa Berth 49m
South Pier Quay 107m


Girvan Harbour Dues


Full Year Rates  (1st April 2021 - 31st March 2022)**   
Fishing and Commercial Vessels     £67 per metre length
Landing Dues 0% 
Summer Season
Summer Season (1st April 2021 - 31st September 2022)**   
Pontoon Berths - All vessels £165 per metre length 
Riverside of screen jetty private vessels £66 per metre length
Winter Season
Winter Season (1st October 2021 - 31st March 2022)**           
Pontoon Berths - All Vessels £77 per metre length*  
Riverside of screen jetty private vessel £66 per metre length 
Visiting Craft Pontoon  £2.70 per metre 
Pontoon Twin/Tri Hull  £2.70 per metre 
Fishing Commercial  £2.70 per metre
Private Craft /Quaysides  £2.00 per metre

  *subject to a concessionary 25% discount if summer dues paid in full

  **measurements taken from bow to stern 

Misc Charges
Miscellaneous Charges (2021/22)     
Cranes/lifting equipment operating from quayside  £52.00 per day or part thereof     
Compressors/welding gear on quayside £10.50 per day of part thereof  
Quayside cargo landing dues per 24 hours £1.00 per tonne

Quayside storage of any equipment (calculated by max width x max length)

£0.52 per square metre per month or part thereof


Apply for a Berth/Mooring

Read the terms and conditions relevant to Berths and Moorings

You can download a paper copy of the  Berth/Mooring application form or apply below.. 

  • 1. Boat Owners Details
  • Name
  • Address
  • Details of person requiring Berth
    (if different from above)
  • Name
  • Address

Contact our Harbour Master

Contact HM
Phone 01465 713 648
Mobile 07768 993 239 



Girvan Harbour

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