Delivering a shared Council roads and transportation service across East and South Ayrshire

Winter service plan

Before each winter season commences, we conduct a review of the winter service and make alterations where appropriate. Planned winter actions are undertaken by the Roads Services Maintenance Unit.

We have statutory responsibilities to take reasonable steps to prevent snow and ice endangering the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians over public roads for which we are responsible.

         Winter-Service-Brochure                              Winter-Service-Plan

Download our Winter Service Brouchure for a handy guide to the service we'll provide during severe cold weather conditions.

Our Winter Service Plan contains full details of our winter maintenance service. 

We also have a Severe Weather Operations Plan and although this is an internal Ayrshire Roads Alliance document copies omitting officers personal details and partnering business information are available on request.

The Trunk Roads

Transport Scotland, as an executive agency of the Scottish Government, and is the roads authority for all trunk roads and motorways in Scotland. They have appointed Scotland TranServ as the trunk road operating company for the South West Scotland Unit.



Scotland TranServ is responsible for carrying out all trunk road maintenance including the provision of winter service on the A76, A77 (from south of Fenwick) and A78 trunk roads in East and South Ayrshire.



Connect Roads is responsible for carrying out all road maintenance including the provision of winter service on the M77 motorway in East Ayrshire.




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