Delivering a shared Council roads and transportation service across East and South Ayrshire

Gritting routes

Our Winter Service Plan contains full details of our winter service, including our priorities for gritting.

During the winter months daily decisions on what action is needed are made based on detailed weather forecasts and the monitoring data provided by our weather service provider. Forecasts are received at 6am, 12pm and 6pm daily.  

East Ayrshire gritting routes

View all East Ayrshire gritting routes by using our online mapping system

South Ayrshire gritting routes

Use our interactive map to view all South Ayrshire gritting routes   

Route priorities

Each route has been prioritised as shown in the table below. Note - due to the nature of road layouts and the criteria used to determine priorities, parts of some of the named roads will not be treated as a priority.

Winter service road priorities

East Ayrshire North priority 1 routes

East Ayrshire South priority 1 routes

South Ayrshire priority 1 routes

Strategic Routes and Main Distributor Routes, ie all 'A' class roads such as the A70, A71, A77, A79,   A713, A735, A736, A759 and A719.

Safe and reliable access to emergency facilities including: fire and rescue police ambulance services and hospitals other public services (schools, health centres etc) access to towns and villages routes with high percentage of school traffic designated public transport routes access to main industrial and business centres.

(Precautionary treatment and post treatment if required when temperatures are forecast to fall below zero)


East Ayrshire North priority 2 routes

East Ayrshire South priority 2 routes

South Ayrshire priority 2 routes

Secondary distributor roads, including B and C class roads not included on Priority 1 routes, local distributor roads in residential areas.

(Post treatment when sub-zero temperatures are forecast beyond midday)

3 and 4

East Ayrshire North priority 3 routes

East Ayrshire North priority 4 routes

East Ayrshire South priority 3 routes

East Ayrshire South priority 4 routes

South Ayrshire priority 3 routes

Local access roads in residential and industrial areas, minor rural through routes.

(Treated when sub-zero temperatures are forecast to continue over an extended period and when resources permit)

Footways South Ayrshire footway routes

Many footways will only receive treatment during the daytime hours if heavy snowfall or extensive icing is forecast and resources are available. 


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