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Footbridge Replacement Works, Waterhaughs Footbridge, Darvel

Wed, 17 Feb 2021

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance, as part of it ongoing programme to improve the condition of the road network, will be carrying out essential footbridge replacement works on Waterhaughs Footbridge, Darvel

To allow these works to be carried out safely the footbridge will require to be closed for the estimated 5 week duration of the works and this will also require Lintmill road to be closed at certain times during the project.

The section of Lintmill road in front of the footbridge including the junction with Dublin Rd will be closed on Tuesday 23rd February to allow for the removal of the existing footbridge deck. Thereafter, works to prepare the existing footbridge abutments to receive the new footbridge deck will be undertaken.

Future road closures are planned during this project and the duration of these will be kept to a minimum to cause as little disruption as possible. During crane lifting operations the footpaths in the immediate vicinity will also be closed and access to some properties will require to be taken from the rear.

Browns Road on the opposite side of the river will be kept open to pedestrians as much as possible during the works but may have to be closed periodically for short durations, subject to project requirements.

For further information contact the Ayrshire Roads Alliance on 01563 503160.