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Flood Prevention Plans, New Cumnock

Fri, 02 Sep 2016

Detailed plans for New Cumnock’s flood prevention scheme were on display recently at a public meeting held for local residents.

Over 40 members of the community attended the meeting which was led by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance in partnership with top consultants RPS.

Officers from the Alliance and engineers from RPS were on hand to talk through the detailed drawings that were on display for the Leggate and the Afton Water projects and answer any questions that the community had about the work.

In addition to the plans for the two schemes there were also aerials maps on display which showed how the area would be protected from flooding following the work.

Stewart Turner, Head of Roads: Ayrshire Roads Alliance said: “This event was an opportunity for local people who reside in this area to view plans for the flood prevention schemes and have any questions they had answered.

“New Cumnock and the Leggate were both shown on aerial maps so it was a good opportunity for people to pick out their house and see how it will be protected in the future.

“The work consists of embankments being constructed on either side of the burn and where it is too narrow enforced concrete walls will be built. The scheme will take water and train it down the Afton Water, until it meets the River Nith, effectively channelling any flood water away from communities.”

The scheme will be delivered in two parts. New Cumnock is a much bigger scheme and will cost about £2.5m, while the Leggate will cost in the region of £400,000.

The planning process for both flood prevention schemes is underway and the schemes will be advertised for a six week period. Once the planning process is completed work will start on site at the Leggate in November.

Councillor Eòghann MacColl, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, attended the public meeting. He said: “This meeting was extremely beneficial. It gave local people the opportunity to view plans for the schemes and, most importantly, to view how their own property will be protected in the future.

“All the people I spoke to were positive about the plans and understand the processes that we have to go through before work can start on site. We have had a great deal of support from the local community. Understandably they want to see work starting as soon as possible, and this is our aim, to get the work underway and to protect homes in the area.”