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    Mocktails are on the menu at alcohol free pub

    Thu, 12 May 2016

    Road Safety team in AyrMocktails, delicious alcohol free drinks, were on offer at OUR Place in the Kyle Centre, Ayr for thirsty shoppers.

    The tasty drinks were provided courtesy of the Ayrshire Roads Alliance Road Safety Team who had created a bar within the multi-agency partnership shop.

    From behind the bar the team were engaging with people about the very serious issue of drink driving.

    Drink driving is unfortunately a year round problem and during the summer, thanks to the warmer weather, beer gardens and barbeques, there can be a rise in drink driving.

    The team were using a fun approach to get a very serious message across to drivers:

    • don’t drink any alcohol at all when driving
    • plan ahead and organise who is going to drive or how you are going to get home before you set off
    • if you are having a party or a barbeque consider the people who will be driving and create delicious mocktails for them to enjoy

    Driving the morning after drinking can also be very dangerous. You might feel fine but depending how much you have had to drink, the alcohol may not be out of your blood stream.

    Remember that ‘house measures’ can be significantly more than standard measures so plan your journey carefully the next morning.