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    Road improvements underway in South Ayrshire

    Mon, 08 Jun 2015

    Following the announcement that roads in South Ayrshire are set to benefit from an investment of £10million over the next five years, the Ayrshire Roads Alliance drew up a revised roadwork programme and immediately started improving the local road network.

    The Alliance used a nationally recognised scoring system to identify areas which required the most urgent investment. 34 sites were quickly identified where screeding would be the most suitable method of improving the road surface with the least disruption to the travelling public.

    Roadworks took place on routes across Kyle and North and South Carrick; based on the amount of the traffic which travels on the route each day and the most important routes for the local rural economies.

    In addition to the screeding work, the Alliance also carried out kerbing work on Ayr Esplanade; anti-skid treatments were applied on locations across South Ayrshire and patching work addressed a number of road defects identified by the local community and the regular road condition surveys carried out by the Alliance.

    Councillor John McDowall, Chair of the Joint Board said: “I was delighted that the Ayrshire Roads Alliance was immediately able to start improving the road network in South Ayrshire after the funding announcement was made by South Ayrshire Council.

    “Road improvements will continue to be made throughout the year based on the Roads Improvement Plan which will be updated annually. This will be done in line with the ranking system, consulting local community councils on the proposals for their area, and working through the Ayrshire Roads Alliance to make a visible and lasting difference for everyone travelling on our roads.”

    The full list of projects included in the Roads Improvement Plan 2015/16 is available here.