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    Wheely fantastic cycle path opens

    Tue, 25 Nov 2014

    Galston cycle pathWith its strong cycling clubs and beautiful rural countryside, there could be nowhere better to open a new cycle path than Galston.

    Funded by SPT (£113,000), Sustrans (£72,500) and East Ayrshire Council (match funding with Sustrans) the new cycle path is an extension to the extremely well used Sir Chris Hoy Way, which was completed back in March 2008.

    The path now runs to Barrmill in Galston and phase two of this ambitious project, which is currently being designed, will see the cycle path reach Darvel. Plans are also underway for a further extension of the cycle path and officers are investigating whether it could be extended all the way to Loudoun Hill and the South Lanarkshire boundary.

    If successful the path would link South Lanarkshire to the Ayrshire West Coast and would include beautiful green spaces like the park to park path between Dean Castle in Kilmarnock and Eglinton Park in Irvine.

    Councillor Tom Cook, Spokesperson for Improving Community Safety was joined at the opening of the new cycle path by local members Councillors Alan Brown, George Mair and Bobby McDill. He said: “It was a very cold morning when we visited the new cycle path, which was officially opened by Loudoun Academy’s highly professional cycling team, and it was absolutely packed. There were cyclists, dog walkers, runners and walkers all enjoying the beautiful countryside. It really hit home how important this path is to the local community; helping to encourage people to keep fit and health, safely on a cycle path.

    “The Ayrshire Roads Alliance has delivered an excellent project and has real vision for the future of this cycle path. The team has also ensured that the path is lit by award winning active road stud technology or cat’s eyes as they are commonly known. These new innovative studs have led lights so they don’t require lights to shine on them to reflect the light. This means the path is literally being used day and night.”

    Councillor Bobby McDill, SPT Member, said: “Getting people out of their cars and walking and cycling more is a priority for SPT. Funding projects like this, which provide valuable connections for people, is key to achieving this goal. SPT also has the advantage of working across 12 local authority areas in the west of Scotland so they play a major role in ensuring that the benefits from these projects cross boundaries. As this project progresses it will connect East Ayrshire with South Lanarkshire and the Ayrshire Coast; allowing people to use this path to commute or for leisure for even longer journeys.”

    Paul Downie from Sustrans said: “We are delighted to see the first phase of the Galston to Newmilns project finished swiftly and to a high standard. This link will prove important in encouraging the local community to travel actively and has already seen high numbers of use. We look forward to working in partnership with East Ayrshire on future phases and other active travel projects.”

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