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    Parking permits not preferred

    Thu, 09 Oct 2014

    East Ayrshire councillors agreed at Cabinet this week not to pursue proposals for a residents’ permit parking scheme in Kilmarnock.

    East Ayrshire Council carried out a consultation in response to concerns raised by residents about the impact of all day commuter car parking in residential areas of Kilmarnock. Proposals for the scheme included provision of annual permit for residents for £25; full day visitor permits and time limited parking restrictions on affected street.

    A total of 3707 leaflets were distributed to residents in the six affected areas during March 2014 and 737 responses were returned; 230 people from outwith the affected areas also responded.  The response rate and the support for the scheme varied significantly from area to area and street to street, but collectively, 62% were not in favour of the permit scheme.

    Councillor Jim Buchanan, spokesperson for delivering community regeneration, said: “Despite the relatively low response rate for this consultation, it is obvious that overall, there was a lack of support for a permit scheme in all areas. Discussions with residents throughout the consultation period suggests that they did not consider the problem to be acute enough to warrant the introduction of new regulations.

    “However, to encourage commuters to use the long stay parking amenities in the town centre, we have extended the opening hours of the multi-storey car park, which is now open from 6:30am to 10pm on weekdays. Commuters can park here all day for £1 and our annual season ticket represents amazing value for money at only £180.”

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