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    Queen’s Baton Relay

    Fri, 13 Jun 2014

    The Queen’s Baton Relay arrives in South Ayrshire on Friday 20 June and in East Ayrshire on Saturday 21 June.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for local batonbears who have been given the honour of carrying the Queen’s Baton.

    The relay will have an impact upon the travelling public and the Ayrshire Roads Alliance apologises for any delay you may experience.

    On the whole delays will be slight and kept to an absolute minimum.

    South Ayrshire – Friday 20 June

    In South Ayrshire a number of short-term rolling road closures and parking restrictions will be in place.

    There will also be signed diversions in place at three locations:
    Alloway – Alloway and Monument Road will include a diversion via Ewenfield Road, Maybole Road, Laughlanglen Road, the Loaning and Doonholm Road. This diversion will be in place between 12 noon and 12.30pm.
    Prestwick – Monkton Road will include a diversion for southbound vehicles via Shawfarm Road, Shaw Road, Berelands Road, Adamton Road North, Adamton Road South, Afton Avenue, Hunters Avenue and Heathfield Road. This diversion will be in place between 5.15pm and 6:15pm or until the relay has passed, whichever is earlier.
    Ayr – Pavilion Road and Place de St Germaine en-Laye will include a diversion via Wellington Square North, Bath Place and the Esplanade. This diversion will be in place between 7am and 8pm.

    Full information is available here
    East Ayrshire – Saturday 21 June 2014

    In East Ayrshire, as the convoy carrying the Queen’s Baton makes its way along the route, there will be rolling road blocks with side roads closed for short periods of time. Traffic Management will be installed by the Council’s approved contractor Contraflow and information marshals will be placed in each community to provide helpful information on the day.

    Only one road closure will be in place – Clunch Road, Stewarton (B769) will be closed between 13:30 and 14:00.

    There will be parking restrictions at events across East Ayrshire so take care where you park or better still use public transport where possible.

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