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Delivering a shared Council roads and transportation service across East and South Ayrshire

About us

Scotland’s most innovative public sector partnership, the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, delivers shared Council roads and transportation services to communities across East and South Ayrshire.

The Alliance is governed by a joint committee of elected members from the two Councils, with the service being led by East Ayrshire Council. It delivers roads services including roads maintenance, winter maintenance, design and infrastructure, traffic and transportation and road safety.

The shared service ensures a consistent standard of service delivery while improving service efficiency and resilience, against a backdrop of reducing public sector budgets.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance is responsible for:

  • The maintenance of public roads, bridges, footways and footpaths.
  • Street lighting.
  • Traffic calming and road safety.
  • Roads design and structural design.
  • Parking enforcement and mobility.
  • Bus infrastructure and interchange facilities.
  • Winter maintenance.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance is the first of its kind in Scotland, and reflects the recommendations of the Christie Commission, in which, in 2011,  published its report on the future of public services

The report made strong recommendations for public services to concentrate on preventative measures into the future and for public sector bodies to work closely to counter inevitable deep spending cuts, stating "unless Scotland embraces a radical, new, collaborative culture throughout our public services, both budgets and provision will buckle under the strain".

The Scottish Government supports East Ayrshire Council and South Ayrshire Council’s approach to shared services and their commitment to supporting the findings of the Christie Commission.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance is a radical, sector-leading partnership expected to yield savings of more than £8m over the next ten years, through reduced management and administrative costs plus better deals for larger orders.

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